Professional in local & international residential & office removals


Even when you are relocating for the better, moving has always been traumatic leave it to us and our premier standard of service, along with our personal care, can help to relieve most of your stresses

* Proven packing methods for fragile items, electrical & electronic appliances.
* Professional & protective furniture wrapping.
* Specially made wardrobe boxes for clothes to prevent wrinkling.
* Dismantling & re-assembly of necessary furniture.
* Dismounting & mounting of ceiling lights, fans, curtains & blinds.


No matter how large, or how small, your office is, minimum interruption to your work flow is the objective we both would like to achieve. Detailed pre-planning and thorough relocating procedure would indeed be crucial as to succeed such goal.

* Costing & planning analysis
* Proven colour coding & labeling methods
* Layout planning service
* Storage for inactive documents, excess equipment & furniture
* Unlimited moving supervision
* Dismantling & re-assembling of modular office systems

While reducing your expenses through accurate survey, we are also ensuring maximum safety to your effects. With extensive supports from our overseas agents, our full service removals across the oceans can be as convenient as moving down the street.

* Proficient packing and transporting to air or sea freight terminal
* Container and custom-crating services
* Door-to-door or door-to-port destination delivery.
* Furniture unwrapping and positioning at destination
* Customs clearance and documentation
* In-bound shipment pick up and local delivery

We do realize how important exhibitions & trade shows can be as to elevate your business volume. Ensuring the utmost care to your costly & delicate exhibits & displays plus a firm pick up / delivery schedule are the 2 essential ingredients to success.

* Reliable pick up and delivery schedule.
* Proficient and trusty handling of valuable and high precision equipments.
* Placement of items according to floor plan.
* Custom crating service.
* Professional and detailed packing after exhibition.

Our own spacious & de-humidified storage facilities are devoted to household cargoes between time gaps of renovations, removals, shipments or simply for long term warehousing.

Our prompt pick up and timely retrieval service for excessive & inactive records & documents, being handled securely, can assist in improving working environment, maximizing working space and enhancing productivity.
Warp And Hang Painting and Mirrors