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Moving Tips

What can be prepared in advance for moving? Here are some tips to help you be well-prepared for your moving day!

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When downsizing to a smaller unit, it's important to ensure that your furniture fits. We offer storage services for furniture items you don't want to dispose of.

Moving From a Large Unit to a Smaller One

For valuable or personal items such as undergarments or important documents, we suggest that customers pack them themselves before our movers arrive.

Packing Valuable or Personal Items

Please note that wall-mounting of TV, light fixtures, and artwork will incur additional charges. Unless specified during the quotation process, the quote will reflect the extra charges for these services.

Wall-mounting of TV, light fixtures, and artwork

Our moving trucks have limited seating capacity. If customers require an accompanying vehicle to the new location, please notify us in advance so that we can make appropriate arrangements

Advance Notice of the Need for an Accompanying Vehicle

Avoid Last-minute Changes to the Moving Date

If you need to change your moving date, please notify us at least 5 working days in advance. Last-minute changes to the moving date may result in additional charges. However, we will handle emergencies on a case-by-case basis.


Make use of your move to declutter by deciding on items to dispose of before moving day. List them during the quotation process or label them for easy identification by our movers. Additional charges apply for furniture disposal.

Avoid scheduling furniture deliveries or renovations on moving day as it can cause delays and disrupt the moving process.

Avoid Scheduling Deliveries or Renovation on Moving Day

Large carton boxes are suitable for storing lighter and larger items such as bedding, appliances, and toys. Small cardboard boxes are suitable for storing heavier and smaller items such as books, documents, CDs, and fitness equipment.

Applications of small and large carton boxes

Some residential buildings require advance notice to building management before moving. Please notify the management of both the old and new residence as early as possible.

Advance Notice to Building Management of Moving Date

If you require a specific handover time, please notify us as early as possible. This will help us ensure that we have sufficient manpower to complete the clearing process on time for a smooth handover.

Early Notification of Handover Time

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